About myself


I am a Czech Counselor who lives in The Hague since 1996. I graduated from the “Stichting Counselling Nederland” in 2012.

I studied sport management in UK (Manchester) and Switzerland (Lausanne) and worked between 2003-2005 as a languages teacher and school manager in Italy (Cesena).

Before coming to The Netherlands I have worked and lived in several countries for a short period as a touristic guide and ski teacher (Austria, Greece, Italy).

I am an ex-athlete, ex-coach (Czech, Dutch community) and an ex-sports executive (international community, including all 5 continents). I hold a certificate in Sport Psychology.

I am a member of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling (WAPCEPC) and I offer Counseling/Psychotherapy in numerous languages (please see the home page).


Kate Mazak