Expatriation intercultural and other related issues


Living abroad, far away from relatives and friends, in a foreign culture using a foreign language can be more difficult that one may have imagined in the first place.

For some people it already has become routine to move to foreign countries and to adapt to new conditions and rules. For others it is the first time to move abroad. Living in a foreign country can pose huge challenges during settling in. Problems may linger on and become bigger and bigger.They may be paired with frustration and a feeling of tiredness having to adjust constantly. It is a major challenge to find a place for oneself and the family in a foreign setting.

Your children who may have grown up in a foreign country make the experience of being “third culture kids”. As parents, you are constantly confronted with the challenge of combining your own culture with the one of your host country and finding a way for your family to lead a live in between. Relatives and friends from home are no longer able to support because they live too far away or because they see things from a different angle.

Receiving help in a confidential setting to learn how to tackle problems is a way to make you feel more content and relaxed in your every day life.

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