There can come times, when nothing in life goes according to expectations and one searches an escape in the pleasure of eating. Food is one of the satisfying factors of our life.

Many pleasant situations happen while eating. Think of nice socializing or warm family visits. Yet, the food can become for us also an obstacle. We try to look as good as we can, the outside world might expect this from us. And then, the nice social factor in dining becomes a threat as one starts to think of “how much can I eat?” or “am I healthy enough?”, “what do people think of me seeing me eating this dish?”.

Food is important for mental wellbeing. The stomach is frequently called a second brain. During the consultancy a nutrition plan will be set up. This for clients over-weight, under-weight or those who wish to sharpen up their physical shape.

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"It is the mind that makes the body."

Sojourner Truth