What is Counseling

Counseling is a journey within yourself. A way of learning to understand yourself better, get a better hold on the challenges of life, as well as living a more authentic life. The objective is to become aware of your own resources and to learn how to use them in order to be able in the future to master the same or similar situations in a more relaxed way.


What is the difference between a Counselor and a Psychologist?

Counselor is a title that comes from the English language and is very common in use within the UK and America. The Counseling therapy has many common features with psychology. Yet, one of the differences is that the Counseling therapy is shorter and less scientific. Also, the focus of Counseling is on therapeutic talking and is holistic: laterally, the client comes for a “good chat” whereby his/her emotions are the centre of all.

The goal is to guide a client to find a way to better master his/her individual problems throughout his/her own emotional resources. As a Counselor I do not give medical prescriptions or set up medical treatment plan.

What is Counseling good for?

Most of us go through phases in life in which we are not feeling at ease or don't know how to get out of a difficult situation. Often, it can help to talk to a friend or a family member in order to find a way out. If this does not help, it is possible to seek professional help in a confidential setting. Counseling and Psychotherapy is one of the possibilities.

Our past experiences are lively present in our mind, especially the negative ones. These regularly influence the way we think and act, keep us frequently captive in specific behavioral patterns and assumptions. Throughout Counseling these routine patterns and habits can be identified and helped out. Therefore, Counseling is about restoring the emotional wellness.

Counseling is also about an active cooperation between the therapist and a client whereby the client functions in the role of a self specialist as only he/she knows what his/her inner life and personal situation looks like. The goal of Counseling is to support the client in becoming the master of his/her own situation in life.